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Unique Makeup
Artistry and Aesthetics
Unique Makeup
Artistry and Aesthetics
Unique Makeup
Artistry and Aesthetics
Unique Makeup
Artistry and Aesthetics
Unique Makeup
Artistry and Aesthetics
Unique Makeup
Artistry and Aesthetics


I believe in the pursuit of dreams, goals and self-expression

Strongly devoted with a fervent passion for the Make-up Artistry’s world of creativity, Silvie has a finger on the pulse of glamorous, beautiful and imaginative. Using faces as her canvas she possesses outstanding flexibility in her ability to create from sun-kissed dewy faces, whimsical designs to spectacular imaginative FX creations.

Silvie’s road to creativity started when she enrolled in the Make-up Artistry Cosmetic Techniques & Management Diploma Program at Sheridan College after obtaining her high school diploma from Michael Power/St. Joseph High School. While in high school she successfully completed the Co-op Program at Complections International School of Make-up Artistry where she found her natural talent.

Having joined I.A.T.S.E. Local 873 Make-Up Department she has enjoyed being a Permitee in good standing for a good number of years.

Silvie’s thirst for knowledge saw her return to Sheridan College to successfully graduate from the Esthetics Course as well as Medical Esthetics and Laser Courses from Gina’s College of Advance Learning. But she didn’t stop there. Silvie went on to successfully complete diplomas, with high honours, in Special Effects and Prosthetics Courses at The School of Professional Makeup Ltd. taught by the renowned Matthew DeWilde.

The Academy would like to commend Silvie on her thoroughness, professionalism, meticulous work ethics, punctuality, and commitment in her profession. She is highly skilled ... and her artistic skills inspired her students in a very positive and productive manner.

Anita Kukreja, Director of Education, Academy of Hair Passion Inc.

Silvie Esteves
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Silvie discovered her talent for teaching as well. Highly trained and qualified, her contagious enthusiasm has made a positive and significant impact in the art of teaching Make-Up Artistry and basic Esthetics Programs. A progressive team player she has inspired her students as a Trainer and Educator with excellent Curriculum Development strategies. In order to enhance her natural talent for teaching Silvie successfully completed her Adult Ed Certificate Course at Sheridan College.

Silvie’s versatility, sensibility, innovativeness and diversity have contributed to her working in top spas in Ontario, worked in various Films, Commercials, Fashion Shows, Events, Productions and taught at private colleges.

Her belief in the pursuit of dreams, goals and self-expression in her art while still being able to maintain sense of the fashion commits her to endless expectations and achievements.

Remarkable skills in diplomacy and impeccable professionalism Silvie strives to convey her passion for combining the inner and outer beauty of her clients through her work.

Make-Up Lessons

Certified in Adult Education, Silvie offers both personal one-on-one as well as group make-up lessons. Individual make-up lessons are 1 hour and 15 minutes, group make-up lessons are 1 hour in length. Lessons cover:

Rest assured that your actors will look their best both esthetically and from a creative perspective.

Henry Kestler, Director - Screenwriter - Media Artist

Bridal & Special Events

The Dream

He proposed, you said Yes and you both set the date! The dream all starts with the Engagement Celebration as it is a preview to the bride’s big day. She will want to look her very best and having the best make-up artist working for and with the bride is essential. Now the planning starts and as you move forward it can be overwhelming. You deserve to look and feel the most beautiful on your wedding day resting assured your make-up is going to enhance your natural beauty. You need not stress over it as Silvie will provide you with a flawless and timeless look you will love.

Silvie works with small or large groups to suit your needs.

Silvie recommends a consultation and wedding trial make-up to be done 6 to 8 months in advance of your wedding date.

Make-up Trial

An essential step to the Wedding Day is the make-up trial when Silvie discusses:

  • colours and theme of the wedding
  • wedding gown style
  • facial attributes to be enhanced
  • preparatory steps for optimal skin prior to the wedding
  • recommendations on products best suited for bride’s skin type
  • full make-up application
  • detailed face chart to ensure bride looks exactly the same on her wedding day as on the trial

On-site services at home or on location in the G.T.A.

Flat rates available.

A confirmed quote and details of the wedding day services to be supplied as well as agreed timetable of arrival time and completion of make-up application.

The Wedding

The much anticipated day arrives…the Wedding Day! Silvie will arrive at the bride’s home or venue as arranged and discussed and will give the bride the look she always dreamed of.

Final touch ups as the bride leaves home or the venue and a personalized bride touch-up kit is also available for the bride.

Silvie also offers packages to brides who want to benefit from having her own professional make-up artist with her part of or the entire day. This service may include different looks during the day, touch ups during photography shoots as well as for the entire bridal party.

The bridal party can also benefit from Silvie’s strong eye for detail, flexibility and flawless beauty work bringing out the natural beauty of each and every person in the Bridal party from the Mother-of-the-bride to Groom and Ushers.

Depending on the size of the bridal party, Silvie only works with professionals who share her passion and the ethic values she strives to provide resulting in the utmost costumer service to her clients.

Special Occasions

Whether you are planning a night out on the town, possibly a red carpet event, attending a special birthday, milestone celebration, work meetings/ conferences or bachelorette party Silvie can create a ``celebrity'' make-up look that will dazzle everyone.

Length of make-up session is 1 hr per person.

Should I put length of time here? I also give them samples to touch up, should I mention that or I should keep that as a special touch?

I have known Silvie for two years as an Aesthetician. She is professional, reliable, courtesy, and very knowledgeable ... She has extensive product and skin care knowledge which she has demonstrated wtih all her clients over the years.

Mary Davis

Here is some of my latest bridal make-up work.
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Special Effects and Prosthetics


Special effect make-up artists have the ability to bring to life unreal characters by sculpting, using special make-up, latex, silicone, prosthetics and equipment pieces.

Silvie's outstanding work can transform the most beautiful face into flesh-eating zombie. She will achieve the look you desire by creating bruises, blood, cuts, deformities, mutations, burns and old age.

Here is some of my latest special effects make-up and prosthetics work.
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The prosthetic work Silvie did on me for a project looked amazing. Most importantly ... what can be a very cloying and claustrophobic process was made incredibly easy and doable with her never ending concern that you are comfortable ... she makes you fully aware of what she is doing and why. And for me that is more than half the battle, and I will assume it also ends up with her work being so good. I have no hesitation in recommending Silvie.

Andrew Stelmack, Actor

Theatre and Film


The excellence of a professional make-up artist is crucial to theatrical productions. Silvie will help transform the cast and bring to life the vision of the script with her tools and expertise.

In theatre and film the actors need to portray their roles as realistically as possible. Believing they have been physically transformed into their character is going to help them to commit even better to their role.

Make-up artistry is an essential part of the entertainment industry by breathing life into a character. It's the 3D fingerprint of the character. Silvie's expertise will transform you into your character perfectly and flawlessly.

Possessing the following traits and skills Silvie's work is admirable:

Silvie did absolutely fantastic work on a cast of 5 actors, including a little girl. Everyone looked marvelous, and kept looking marvelous all day.

Tim Machin, Producer, The Sing Along Tim Show

I have had the privilege to work with Silvie Esteves three times now. First I was an actor in Bad Therapy, and loved how professional and funny she was. I had a great time working with her and the make-up looked so great ...

I asked Silive to do make-up on my first Canadian short, The legend of Iza ... she created really amazing and believable bruises on my lead help to make the short a huge hit. Then we did a short promo video for Breakfast for Santa. It was so much fun and she made our kids look so sick everyone was touched by it.

I highly recommend working with Silvie ... she is one of the best make up artists out there, and she is so creative and fast. She creates a fun and great workplace around her it's absolutely a joy having her on your set.

Mihaly Szabados, Director Producer

Editorial and Photography


Silvie’s impressive eye for detail and corrective make-up enables her to work with each client’s features to achieve the most optimal photogenic look.

Face charts are created with every idea for particular shows and shoots. Experience with Set Design enhances Silvie’s ability to design the preferred look of her client’s theme.


Make-up Artistry for photos is not as simple as applying your everyday make-up, it takes expertise to maximize the results. For a professional look you need a professional Make-up Artist with experience in:

Providing an in-depth knowledge of available products best suited for photography and how to best utilize them, Silvie will create a variety of looks from Haute Couture to professional business head shots.

Here is some of my latest photography and editorial make-up work.
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Being on time is a must for live television and Silvie proved that she was always ready and prepared with her makeup. As always with live television, there is never enough time, but Silvie was able to have our hosts always ready for show time within the required time. Silvie is fun to work with and made friends with everyone who worked on the Calico Italia crew.

Giuseppe Di Tacchio, Sports Department, Television Network



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